Q1Pay Structures and Based on DQ2 Pay and Merit “

Based on DQ1Pay Structures and Based on DQ2 Pay and Merit Please respond to the following:

Providing 3 in-text citations, 3 references,please use one ref from WorldatWork (2007) The World at

Work Handbook of Compensation, Benefits, and Total Rewards. Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons,

APA format and provide 1 example for each, NO Wikipedia, NO Endnotes, only scholarly references,

0% internet similarity as it will be thoroughly checked through turnitin , APA format only, thorough,

logical, simple easy to read and understand. Do not make it book written, more opinionated and natural

speaking tone. Please use subheadings for discussion. . Type question, provide answer. Give one

example. Please provide data or other material might you be able to point toward to justify this

assumption. If it is opinion, you may want to state so. Please, fully answer all questions Please be

thorough in your responses. Thank you.