Qual and Harsher punishment for child abusers, molestors and when the abuse results in death or murder across the US

I have to do a 10min Persuasive Speech using Monroes Motived Sequence technique.

My view is:

Child abusers, even first time offenders, should recieve a minimun of 25 years without the possibility of parole or early release for severely beating a child or any type of child molestation. There should also be a special circumstance clause that states if the abuser was somone the child knew or had a close relationship to there will be an additional 10 years added on.

If a child dies as a result of the abuse and/or molestation or during the commission of the abuse and/or molestation or is killed after the abuse and/or molestation then there will be an automatic life sentence without the possibility or parole or early release and in states with the death penalty, the death penalty as an option.

These rules should apply to all of the city, states, counties in the United States or its territories.
It would be a universal law, so that a criminal no matter what jurisdiction will not serve a sentence less than 25 years for child abuse or molestation.

People argue equal justice; I argue equal punishment.