Quality act the affects on employment in NHS (4 chapters of dissertation)

I already have chapter 1 which is on history of equality act. LITERATURE REVIEW
What I aim to write about in general is how equality act determines employment within NHS. positive discrimination positive action provisions, diversity etc.

CHAPTER 2 1700 words
Different theories of equality act (gender, class, age etc.) how each have been developed.

Chapter 3 3000 words
Methodology + examples in media, studies.

Chapter 4 & 5 I will upload criteria on Friday,

I would like to have chapter 2 & 3 some time soon. I understand that as I am uploading criteria for 4&5 later I will extend the deadline accordingly. However I would appreciate if you could upload each chapter as you go along. Please do not hesitate to contact me if any questions. I am open minded in terms of what info you put in it as long as the quality and referecing is maintained throughout, however please contact me first.

Referencing Requirements:
use only academic sources, each information should be referenced. It is a LITERARTURE REVIEW form of dissertation