Quality and Diversity in the primary school in Wales.

 Under the requirements of equal opportunities legislation covering race, gender and disability, settings/schools in Wales have a duty towards present and prospective children to provide an inclusive curriculum that will offer opportunities for all children to achieve their full potential in preparation for further learning and life.
DCELLS (2008)

One of the Welsh Assembly Government s seven core aims is to ensure that all children and young people in Wales are listened to, treated with respect, and are able to have their race and cultural identity recognised. Within this context, consider how schools value diversity and challenge racism. Reflect on the implications of meeting the Standards for Qualified Teacher Status.

Assessment criteria
The essay should demonstrate the following:

·an awareness and understanding of the relevant documentation and how it affects the issues;
·consideration of pupils diverse learning needs and how this impacts upon the curriculum;
·awareness of the roles of all providers/adults in supporting the learning;
·frequent reference to relevant reading and research;
·discussion related to your chosen age-phase;
·illustrative examples of theory and practice from school experience;
·reflection on the implications for the class teacher and for your own practice, with specific reference to meeting the Standards for QTS.
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Inclusion/discrimination/racial equality

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Useful websites

uk (to access all Curriculum 2008 documents)

ac.uk (exploring diversity and achievement)