Quality, disability and race in films The Help (Tate Taylor, 2011) and Untouchable”( Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano, 2011)

You have to engage films The help (2011) and Untouchable (2011) with Irigarays work from the book this sex which is not one (1985, cornell university press) and the articles that I attouch to this order (particularly its issues on equality, disability and race)and Levinas on Self and Other”. How do these films relate to this philosophy?


1. Irigaray One and Other(subjectsubject) 2 equal subjects + Emanuel levinas on self and other
mini plots of the help and untouchable (2 different backgrounds) American and French how films propose them

pick 1 scene from The help (issues of equality/race/political/economical) and 1 scene from untouchable (issues of equality/disability/race/political/economical) and negotiate the difference between them

how the issues are resolved in films.

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