Qualization in Canada verses Equalization in Australia

Introduction: In the into tell when equalization was established in both countries (the year). Tell if it is in the countries constitution, if so what section and add a small quote on what is written about it in the constitution.

Part1: Describe/explain equalization in Canada (how it works/what is involved) the process of equalization. Explain the benifits of equalization in Canada. What provinces benifit the most and the least. Explain the problems with equalization in Canada. What provinces have the most problems and why. Give statistics (Use a Canadian government source) to tell the amount provinces pay into equalization and the amounts provinces receive from equalization.

Part 2: Do the exact same as part 1 but for Australia. Answer all the same questions but for Australia and use an Australian government source for the statistics about Australia.

Part 3:Compare equalization in Canada to equalization in Australia. Explain how they are similar. Explain how they are different. Does one system of equalization appear to be better than the other (explain). Do they encounter the same problems or are they problems they encounter different (answer). *this is the most important part of the paper (as it is a comparative research paper) This section should be concentrated on the most.