Questions (0.5 1.5) pages per question double spaced essay format

(1) Why is target-market selection important for a customer-driven marketing strategy? Discuss some of the negative consequences a company might incur from not paying enough attention to selecting its target market?

(2) Beyond evaluating current businesses, designing the business portfolio involves finding businesses and products the company should consider in the future. Using the product-market expansion grid, illustrate the process that a company can use to evaluate a portfolio. Pick an example for your demonstration that is different from the one used in the text. Be sure your example covers all cells.

(3) Distinguish between the five principles of enlightened marketing: consumer-oriented marketing, innovative marketing, value marketing, sense-of-mission marketing, and societal marketing.

(4) What macroenvironmental forces do you feel will have the largest positive and largest negative impact on online travel companies? Why?

(5) Focus group interviewing is both a widely used and widely criticized research technique in marketing. List the advantages and disadvantages of focus group. Suggest some kinds of questions that are suitable for exploration by using focus groups. How could focus group research be done via the Internet?