Questions about Economics each one must be 2 page long.

These are the two additional essay questions.

1. Animal Farm.

What is the moral of the story? Explain the ending. (3 points). Explain how and why the animal farm institutions did not work, that is, did not work for some animals? (4 points). Provide an example from the real world where some animals are more equal than others. Explain. (5 points).

2. Rabbits & Boa Constrictors.

What is the moral of the story? How does it end? (3 points).

Pondering shattered the foundations (institutions) of the rabbit and boa society in the beginning of the story. Explain how and why these institutions changed and what was the end result for the members of this society? In other words, would the rabbit and boa society survive well in the state where rabbits could not be hypnotized? (4 points). Relate parts of the story (your choice which) to real world. (4 points).