Questions-Crime Anal & Mapping homework

Discussion Exercises: Please see Uploaded Chapters to answer these Questions…
*Exercise 1
1. Compare and contrast the research results and role of crime analysis in disorder policing, community policing, hot spots policing, Compstat, and problem-oriented policing.

2. If you were a crime analyst, under what type of policing would you like to work and why?

Exercise 2
1.Provide specific examples about how the following types of problematic activity are manifested at different levels (e.g., immediate, short-term, and long-term):
a? Robbery at convenience stores

a? Disorderly youth at a movie theatre

a? Thefts from vehicles at the mall during the holiday season.

*Additional exercises using data and other resources can be found on bobasantos3e.

Chapter 4 question:
1. Compare and contrast how the five different types of crime analysis (intelligence analysis, criminal investigative analysis, tactical crime analysis, strategic crime analysis and administrative crime analysis) can contribute to how police address crime and disorder.

Chapter 5 question:
1. Determine which types of DATA would be BEST to examine the following problems. Justify your selection in each case.

1. Street robberies in a residential area
2. College parties at off-campus housing
3. Traffic crashes around schools
4. Sale and buying of drugs around convenience stores and apartment complexes
5. Shootings at and around night clubs