Questions Integrated Marketing Communications

Writer must have marketing degree.
Please follow the instructions exactly
This is NOT a paper these are 5 Easy questions

Write in USA English and USA dollars

Use information from any source you please be organized and succinct in your answers, yet be sure to fully cover the question.

MUST document your answers with citations/references.
Put any citations you have at the end of each question. Dont lump them together at the end of the 5 questions.

1. Many companies these days are using non-human characters as spokespeople or icons in their advertising. AFLAC has its duck, GEICO has its gecko and cavemen, Frosted Flakes has Tony the Tiger, etc.. Why would a company develop an advertising campaign featuring a non-human as opposed to a human spokesperson? Think in terms of pros and cons…there is more than one reason and theres more to this answer than what is in the textbook. I guarantee you this is more difficult than you think.

Answer: minimum of 100 words.

2. Your boss, the VP of Marketing, calls you in for a discussion. Your boss tells you that the business development group wants to market a new product that is very top secret so secret that no body outside of business development knows about it. Your boss isnt sure if this product will sell or not, but she believes that demand can be created…that anything if marketed properly can be sold successfully. She asks you for your point of view she asks you if you believe demand can be created for a new product that no one has seen or asked for. What do you tell her?

Answer: minimum of 100 words.

3. What are the steps in the Integrated Marketing Communication planning process? Which step do you feel is the most important and why?

Answer: minimum of 100 words.

4. Define Sales promotion.and describe the characteristics of a good sales promotion. Describe a real life sales promotion that you think was done very well hint: the more ways a company could entice you for one event and engage you, the better. In other words, think big. Dont just use a coupon for Tide detergent, for example

Answer: minimum 100 words.

5. Name and discuss the two most important things learned regarding Integrated Marketing Communications and why you feel they were the most important to you. Please note there are two (2) parts to this question what and why.

Answer: between 150-300 words.
(I wIll load exceprts from the class to chose the two most important learnings from)