Questions on Politics and Administration

Politics and Administration

Instructions: Please respond to each of the questions use only the files which I will attachments .

1.Our discussion of deliberative democracy focused primarily on social contract theory. As we discussed, the primary manifestation of this social contract is a constitution. The constitution functions to limit the actions of government and protect the rights and liberties of people. Our conversation in class centered on some of the deficiencies in the original social contract (the Articles of Confederation) and how the Constitution remedied these deficiencies. Please identify and discuss three of the deficiencies in the Articles of Confederation and how these deficiencies were remedied in the Constitution. Focus your discussion on what these deficiencies and remedies mean for social contract theory.

2.One of the main a?pillarsa? of American government is federalism. The Supreme Court has been very active over the last few weeks and has handed down some important decisions in constitutional federalism cases. Please select two (2) recent Supreme Court decisions and discuss the implications of these decisions for American federalism.

3.Congress is a rather unique institution. One of the aspects of Congress that makes it unique is its members. Most of the articles we have discussed this term have focused on the motivations and behaviors of these members in voting, making policy, choosing committee assignments, etc. Please develop an essay in which you compare the theories of three (3) of the following authors: Wilson, Mayhew, Fenno, Fiorina, Krehbeil, or Kingdon. What do these authors tell us about the decision making of members of Congress?

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