Quity and Diversity Quiz Reflection Instructions

Quiz Reflection Instructions
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Reflect on the results of the equity quiz as you write a definition of equity as opposed to equality.
i ·
Do you see inequity in your work place or in your culture?

1. I work in an Inner City Non-profit program example: Boys and Girls Club of America.

2. Population: 90% African American, 5% Caucasian 5% Other
i · What do you need to do in your current employment situation to promote equity for your peers, subordinates, students, athletes, or others in your workplace?

1. I manage 5: Employees 5:Volunteers

2. The site has 100 participants

3. 4 Sports programs: Baseball, Softball, Basketball and Football
i · Cite methods you can use to be more equitable in your current position.
i · Response should be in-depth.
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You are to prepare this as a paper written to APA requirements, with a title page, introduction, review of the quiz results, and reflection which will include your plan to improve.
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Reference page should include the correction citation of the website, as well as any other material you may use.
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I expect this paper to be no more than one to two pages. (I will do title page and reference page.)
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Please us attached rubric when addressing writings in the paper.
EdChange Equity and Diversity Quiz
Please review website:
Equity quiz : quiz1.htm
You have made the following errors
Question 1 The right answer was 40%.
Question 3 The right answer was 52%.
Question 4 The right answer was The United States and the U.K..
Question 5 The right answer was 15%.
Question 6 The right answer was 7 times higher.
Question 7 The right answer was 5 times less likely.
Question 8 The right answer was $50,000 and $40,000, respectively.
Question 9 The right answer was the 48 poorest countries.
Question 10 The right answer was 500 grams of powder or 5 grams of crack cocaine.
Question 11 The right answer was roughly 2,600,000.
Question 12 The right answer was 84.5%.
Question 13 The right answer was the daily earnings of the average CEO in the U.S..
You have made 12 errors. Total score: 3.