Quity of womens life in the late Koryo and early Choson in Korea

(Professors instructions below)

You must write a 6-8 page essay for this class using assigned primary sources and secondary readings as well as consulting materials outside of the course syllabus. The topic, must cover some aspect of Korean history from 1260 to 1876. You will be graded on the quality and coherence of your argument, analysis, and use of evidence. The final essay grade will reflect the overall writing process, including the paper itself.

(My personal instructions below)

1. The writing has to have argument, analysis, and use of evidence.

2. I will send you primary sources from my class (hopefully one more on the internet). Also I will send you secondary readings (two). Please add one more sources from internet.. My professor will read sources too, so please be careful.

3. I want you to argue that women were in a good social level like a men in late Koryo and early Choson. If you can find opposite side of my argument please mention it and argue that opposite side by your analysis. You can also mention that womens social level went down in mid and late Choson, because of neo-confucianism and so on.

4. Maybe you can relate womens social level with buddhism and Neo-confucianism. While people and country believe Buddhism, womens social level was high like men. However, Neo-confucianism makes womens social level lower later in mid-late Choson.

5.However, this paper must be focused on Korean history from 1260 to 1876 WHICH IS LATE KORYO AND EARLY CHOSON.

6. Please find other reasons that proves womens life was equal like a men. Please find little more evidence..

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