R. Malcolm Crowe in  The Sixth Sense movie as heroic archetype

Would you write an essay about connecting between Dr Malcolm in The Sixth Sensemovie as heroic archetype with the following outline
Source : The Sixth Sensemovie
*Require : follow the essay structure
1. Introduction paragraph : 3 sentences ( Topic , Restatement and thesis statement )
2.Body :
* Each main point has multiple paragraphs .Every paragraph always follows this structure : Topic , restatement , illustration , analysis and conclusion .The topic sentence in the first paragraph of a main point is the topic of whole idea , and the conclusion sentense in the last paragraph of that main point is the whole conclusion of that main point .
3. Conclusion paragraph : topic , restatement , illustration , analysis and conclusion.

Thesis statement : Dr Malcolm in  The Sixth Sense movie represents a heroic archetype who has to go through three main stages forced quest, climatic battle and the return as an inevitable steps in order to achieve the ultimate goal in his life.
I/ The first main idea : The forced quest:
A. The departure
1/ Feelings : sense of guilty
2/ Sense of exploration for the truth :
For example : when Dr Malcolm met
Vincent , his old patient who accused
Malcolm of failing to help him.
3/ The doctor s enthusiasm in discovering the
truth of the young man and help him out.
B. The strong desire to achieve the goal
1/ Through the dialog with Vincent
2/ The role of the sixth sense in guiding the
doctor for the truth.
II/ The second main idea : Climatic battle :
A. Struggle :
1/ Struggle between Dr Malcolm and
Vincent ( the man in his despair shot and
killed the doctor )
2/ Struggle for truth including the struggle
between the doctor and himself ( through
the way his confession )
3/ Struggle between the doctor and Cole
B. Exploration
1/ Through the dialogue between the doctor
and Cole for the truth ( the sixth senses_
or the ability of mind-reading conducted by
the doctor to guide Malcolm guided the to
shed the light upon Cole s psyche )
2/ The way Cole received the message from
Kyra for the true reason of her death(
poisoned by her step mother).
3/ The dual between the doctor and Cole,
the child who possesses the sixth senses
as a way to see and sense something
invisible to the others.
III/ The third main idea : Return
A. The full circle of trials has been achieved through the ordeal( a rigorous trip voyage into the unknown region for the truth )
1/ Malcolm s success in helping Cole in the
process of awakening
2/The compromise between Cole and his
B.Triumph as a ultimate goal : Cole s awakening; and Malcolm finally became aware of his own death but at the same time his wife s true love for him.
1/ Literally , Dr Malcolm s triumphant
achievement through the way he
successfully helped Cole to be back to normal
2/Metaphorically, Malcolm s triumph is the
victory of man in understanding human
psyche in quest of truth and happiness

Trial Conclusion:
Human as ever proved through history are always confronted with struggle, trials as essential phases before something noble can be achieved. Trials to some extent are the challenges that must be bravely and wisely met before final triumph can be achieved. Those are the things men as destined have overcome for his final goal. Heroic archetype is nothing more than men s utmost desire for elevating himself to ultimate dimension: Ordeals for Truth, good and Beauty