R. Martin Luther King, Jrs I Have a Dream speech

Please view Dr. Martin Luther King, Jrs I Have a Dream speech, in its entirety at:

I Have A Dream Speech

As you watch the speech, follow along on a printed copy of the speech available in Resources.

After you watch the speech, respond to these questions:

In Chapter 6 we learned that:

language preserves culture

language transmits culture

language expresses identity

language illustrates values

-The goal of Dr. Kings speech is to unite his African American audience with the dominant culture thereby implementing cultural change.

What words (symbols/language) speak to the identity of his African American audience? Explain.

What words (symbols/language) do you think best reach the dominant culture (who are also listening to his speech)? In other words, what words ring true to the dominant cultures identity? Explain?

Do any of these symbols cross over to reach both cultures simultaneously? That is, do some of these symbols speak to (ring true to) both audiences and therefore serve to unite these cultures? Explain.