R.111 Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act of 2011

H.R. 111 Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act of 2009. How does this bill affect advanced practice nurses, describe the following environments that brought this health care concern to the forefront: historical, sociocultural, ethical, economic, & political/legislative. Discuss if the bill was passed and what difficulties were encountered. Identification and activities of stakeholders. Name of bill sponsors, If bill has not passed: pessimistic and optimistic timeline for passage. How will bill be evaluated for effects on consumers and providers. Positive effects of Bill, Negative effects of bill. gGlobal prespective: How is issue/goal accomplished in another country. Give two or more options for refining or changing the bill to improve the outcomes. ****Make sure the paper has an abstract, title page, and reference page with running heads and page numbers throughout paper in addition to 8 references including at least 2 scholarly references*****