Rab tourists in London Reasons and cultural differences

Brief instruction: The research question is, a?What are the reasons for Arab tourists staying in London and what cultural differences do they experience?a?. Interesting would be to maybe do a comparison, of what cultural differences Arabs see to versus what cultural differences Non-Arab London residents see (or think they see) towards the Arabic culture.
I do not want this to become a case study about economics, but about culture. This is why the main focus should still be on the problems the Arabs but also the English with the Arabs face, and try to analyze them related to cultural models. (as for example with Hofstedeas Dimensions or Trompenaar).

This work is supposed to be a Field Study, but as I did not do interviews etc all this has to be made up. You can be creative on this and say things like a lot of Arabs come to London for medical reasons (which is true) etc

Please check the FULL INSTRUCTIONS in the document (Field Study Brief AS14) I will add.

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Here are the final and complete instructions

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Please add more sources. It should be around 20 sources