Racture and Fatigue of Titanium Metal Matrix Composites

Here is the list of things i want addressed:

Titanium Metal Matrix Composites.(Ti MMCs):

Titanium alloy matrix.
Silicon Carbide Fibre Reinforcement (Fibre type SCS 6).
Mechanical Properties of Ti MMCs.

Linear elastic fracture mechanics:
edge notche specimens.

Fatigue of materials:
Fatigue failure
Fatigue crack growth

Fracture and fatigue of TiMMCs:
Local Failures of Fibre Reinforced TiMMCs
Fracture toughness of Fibre Reinforced TiMMCs
Fatigue of Fibre Reinforced TiMMCs
Needs to have reference to S.Suresh Fatigue of materials 2nd edition, the rest of the refernces can be your own.