Rad. School letter of intent/ personal essay.

Please thoroughly answer the questions below in an essay with a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1000 words. The admissions committee is looking for the following things: 2-3 paragraphs per question; examples to illustrate your points; correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.
Describe the most significant position you have held, the responsibilities involved, and the knowledge and skills required, and your own estimation of the degree of competence with which you met your responsibilities.
What are your current career aspirations? How will an advanced degree help?
Please list one or two potential research interests.
What personal skills and personal characteristics will you bring to a A.T. Still University graduate program? How would these skills and characteristics benefit those working with you in a group setting and in your program of study?
After reading the A.T. Still University (ATSU) mission statement, why do you feel ATSU is the right choice for you?

My interest in public health related profession dates back to my years at California State University Dominguez, where I had the opportunity to be exposed to the full range of public health courses, all of which tended to reinforce and solidify my intense interest in Public health with concentration in Environmental health specialist. Additionally, I have also had the opportunity to study a numerous of courses in the Microbiology, physics, organic chemistry and social science courses; these has been both enjoyable and enlightening, providing me with a re-newd and different perspective on the world .
In the realm of Public, I have developed a special interest in the field of Environmental health and have even been taking graduate applications..

Mission statement (Copied and past)
A.T. Still University of Health Sciences serves as a learning-centered university dedicated to preparing highly competent professionals through innovative academic programs with a commitment to continue its osteopathic heritage and focus on whole person healthcare, scholarship, community health, interprofessional education, diversity, and underserved populations.
The School of Health Management educates and prepares current and future health professionals for management positions in a variety of healthcare settings. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and relevant health management instruction through high quality, innovative, online education. In support of this goal and the University, SHM strives to: