Rade Retention: Is it really that effective? (Research Paper)

Essay #5 Research Paper


In general, your research paper should include:
1. Introduction
a. A research question
b. Working thesis
2. Body
a. Paragraphs organized to answer the research
question and support the working thesis.
3. Conclusion
a. Conclusions of the question answered in the
form of a summary statement.

Use at least four sources to develop your topic. These sources can be books, essays or studies in academic journals, articles, editorials, articles on newspapers or magazines, and so on. Out of these sources only one should be a website without a paper version.

You must present evidence of your prewriting activities (i.e. clustering, outlines, research logs, or any other techniques). Furthermore, you must present copies of the sources that you used to collect your information. Papers without this evidence will not be accepted as they might be considered serious candidates of plagiarism.

Write 4 pages, font size 12, and using the MLA documentation system.