Raduate reserach paper on a proposed teacher education thesis in Qatar

Dear writer,
This is the paper which I have talked to you about when you did order 732790. I have already written the proposal myself (attached). However, my supervisor has asked me to write another exploratory paper to explore what my research is expected to be and achieve. Please get back to me with any clarification. He didnt specify any outline but I would expect you to write the following (this is tentative and please feel free to help with any suggestions). You can use only 15 references in the bibliography but please try to use as many in-text citations as you can to support your claims.

My suggested outline:
Summary of my proposed study (1 page)
Significance of my study in the Qatari context (2 pages)
Proposed methodology and paradigm (2 pages)
some literature review on teacher education in TESOL (3 pages)
Some literature review on problems with teacher education in Qatar (2 ages)

I can then do some interviews or a questionnaire with TESOL teachers and provide you with the findings to back up your claims in the above paper.