Raduation Speech Executive MBA (10 minutes speech)

Please write a 10 minute graduation speech, for graduated of Executive MBA. This speech should be strong, emotional and touching.

This is some info to help you write the speech.

It should consist of two parts, the learning academic part, and meeting different people from around the world with different culture.

This E MBA program is based in Europe with traveling around to complete10 modules,

Attached is the program of the countries we have been to, some with 0 credits only some not all the students went to that country (China).

There are more attached files to help you get an idea of our class, and different nationalities.

Also I will attach a graduation speech (speech sample 1) is the file name of one other school that I really liked its graduation speech, you may use some of its text to adapt for this new speech. Moreover, I have attache our school 2 past years speeches nothing very impressive, but I want something touching, strong and stays in their memories.

I will also attach a file from my classmates their experiences and insights from this program to help make the speech more personal, please try to relate the name with their pictures to help you first understand us and the environment then to start writing the speech. 🙂