Raffiti/Gang Identification and Restorative Justice

I will be uploading a graffiti picture ( the picture is taken in Toronto,Ontario around Union Station ). You must answer each question 1 to 8 plus the *** and incorperate them into an essay.

1. Identify and fully explain 4 ways graffiti affects the community positively and 4 ways it affects it negatively. *** ( looking at the piece of graffiti identify what you believe it either means or represents and then explain why it has either a positive or a negative impact on the community. )

2. Identify and fully explain ways the Community and those involved in the graffiti culture can solve this issue.

3. Identify and fully explain how some municipalities deal with Graffiti in their town/city.

4. Identify and fully explain any civil laws or remedial actions that a property owner may seek from those caught tagging or marking their property with forms of Graffiti.

5. Identify and fully explain any criminal charges/laws or penalties that may be used against those who engage in forms of Graffiti.

6. Identify and fully explain the impact that Gangs have on the communities that they infiltrate and what actions are local police departments taking to prevent or identify gang activity.

7. Identify and fully explain any actions or method that private security may apply or implement in combating graffiti and or gang activity on or in any property that they are responsible for or are otherwise securing.

8. Fully explain what Restorative Justice is and identify the benefits of implementing a Restorative Justice program.

If you have any questions what so ever please do not hesitate to ask and if possible finishing a day earlier would be very much appreciated, thank you