Raft for Tyson chicken Marketing Plan ( draft only )

I only need a draft for Chicken Tyson Marketing Plan or any other one that meets the requirments. Im ope to suggestions. I will have prepare the entire a paper after I submit the draft.
Please read below.
Students will form Consumer Behavior Research Project teams consisting of 3-5 students to work on this project. The assignment is to develop, implement, compile and present a research design and plan for a mass-marketed domestic food product . The project entails the analysis of data from a professionally administered survey as well as collection of secondary information. Teams will conduct a detailed market analysis using sophisticated techniques, synthesize the findings from that analysis and couple them with critical and creative thought to make a marketing decision.

The plan will be based on information from primary and public secondary sources, company web sites, as well as professional experiences and insights. Surveys and primary research will be conducted. Specifically, teams will create a Consumer Behavior Research Project including research design and implementation, market analysis, market planning and management. The plan should include how teams will market their product.

The following components and issues will be addressed:

1. Research Design.
2. Implementation of the Research Design.
3. Market Analysis.
4. Market Decision.

5. Each team will have 15-20 minutes to present, with 5 minutes of that time devoted to Q&A. Team members are expected to attend all team presentations to listen and participate in Q&A. Every team member has to participate in the actual presentation.

6. Teams should turn in their final report and a copy of their PPT slides prior to their presentation. The final report profiles the research process and data, market analysis, and market decision. Recommendations concerning how to market the product can be made. Use course concepts where appropriate. The final report must not exceed ten double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margin pages. Exhibits can be added and are not included in the page total. The presentation should be a top-line summary of the key points from the report.