Raft literature review and annotated bibliography

Select an appropriate topic area and draft an outline literature review drawing on key sources. Your work should be presented as a narrative and should include reference to at least three academic textbooks and five peer reviewed journal articles.

In addition to the narrative, you should also prepare a bibliography of further reading that you would refer to in developing a fuller literaturere review of your research area. you should annotate the list to describe what aspects of your literature review each source contributes to. In referring to text books, your remarks should pertain to specific chapters or sections. The annotated bibliography should refer to a minimum of ten further sources. No more than two of these may be websites.

Assessment criteria
1. Selection of a appropriate and reliable sources
2. Structure of literature review; well written, logical sequence of ideas
3. Well referenced using the Harvard System
4. Evidence of critical analysis
5. Bibliography appropriate and sufficient selections of sources
6. Bibliography appropriate and specific annotations