Raft of Final Proposal Introduction & LIterature Review

Hi this assignment related to the previous assignment number 914117 with the same writer number 15515.

In this assignment, you will start with this research project by doing the Introduction & LR. In the Introduction as you wrote in the previous assignment you will write 2 pages as an introduction and dont forget the time frame that we are editing right now to explain it more here. Here is what the professor want exactly (An introduction sets the tone of the entire paper, grabs the readeras attention, and creates relevance. A proper introduction provides the rationale and preview of the paper. Describe its relevance, implications for individuals, families, organizations, and/or society at large. Also mention theory-based and pragmatic benefits that may be realized if your study is conducted. In this section, you are seeking to convince the audience that the topic is worthy of study and has several potential and pragmatic implications. This section should not be too lengthya you do not want to overpower your paper or give away too much of the literature review.)

In the second part which is literature review. Before you start I would like to point that the articles I gave it to you in the last assignment we will not use all of them. The professor accept only (Harb,N & El-Shaarawi, A) Factors affecting student performance munich personal Repec......
So I want you to look for 6 more studies in the social science about nutrition and how affect students or teenagers attention or studies you think could fit this research. Before you start doing the LR SEND ME THE STUDIES TO GET APPROVAL FROM THE PROFESSOT TO START WITH THEM. this part should be 5 pages and here is what the professor looking for ( Review past research to build a solid foundation and argument for your study. Similar to previous research articles you have read, you must describe what is currently known about your topic. In particular, how do past research and existing theories inform and lead up to your particular RQ or Hypothesis? This literature review provides an argument for your studyas RQ or Hypothesis. Remember to include a PROBLEM STATEMENT (no label needed for this) immediately prior to the RQ/Hypothesis. Label this section with the heading, LITERATURE REVIEW (See APA, 6 th ed. for formatting headings a supplemental chapter and sample paper). Assuming you have laid a strong foundation in this section, you will have developed the framework of the paper.

It is without question the most revealing section of your paper. You must describe, explain, and evaluate existing research that informs our understanding of your topic. This a?literature reviewa? helps justify your RQ and/or Hypothesis, which are listed at the end of this review section. Find a way to logically organize the past researcha chronologically, general to specific, contrast-comparison, trends, topical, problemsolution (much like you would a speech). Be careful not to quote too mucha put information/research findings in your own words as much as possible. Make sure you thread and connect all the articles together. You connect the research by linking back to the research idea you are studying. And ABOVE ALL: Remember that quantitative research reports are typically written in THIRD PERSON and qualitative research is often written in FIRST PERSON, although not always. You can present the RQ/Hypothesis in one of 2 ways: 1) display it as it emerges from the literature review; or 2) incorporate it as a total summary to the literature review. Remember that you type RQ1 and H1 (not the full words: Research Question or Hypothesis, see sample paper or articles read in class).

Here is the required book of the class
Keyton, J. (2011). Communication Research: Asking Questions, Finding Answers. McGraw Hill.

ISBN-10: 0073406767 | ISBN-13: 978-0073406763 | Edition: 3