Raft Versus Host Disease Following Bone Marrow Transplantation

The Assignment & Guidelines:

* You must include a reference page with at least six good sources. One of which must be a PRIMARY SOURCE. The other five good sources should come from TECHNICAL JOURNALS which include (JAMA, New England Jounral of Medicine, American Society of Microbiology, Science, Jounral of Gastroenerology, Journal of Neurological Disease, ETC.)

* Some other good NOT PRIMARY sources would be journals from the National Institute of Health, Center for Disease Control, WebMD, Nursing Journals, etc.

* Good sources DO NOT include: Textbook, Redbook, McCalls, Health, Readers Digest, etc.

* Paper must be in 12 font and double-spaced

* The cover page, reference pages do not count for your five pages.

* Do NOT include blank pages, footnoes, abstracts, section titles, table of contents, outlines, extra lines between paragraphs, pictures or charts as one of your required pages.

* Highlight the sections in your paper that come directly from your Primary Source.

* Italicize Genus & Species names. Genus is capitalized but species is not. Ex: Borrellia burgdorferi

* Explain abbreviates the first time used in your paper. Do not assume the reader knows what you mean. EX. Non-Hodgkinds Lymphoma (NHL)

* Do not capitalize disease names unless proper name.

* Several websites offer APA tips and programs to help with the technical details. Be careful as you look through these aids as you are still responsible for the correct APA form in your paper.

What is a primary source
Primary Sourcea report written by a person or person that are doing actual scientific research (often in a laboratory setting)

Secondary Source an article written by a person such as an editor reporting on people doing actual research

Tertiary Sourcetextbook, encylopedias, medical book, etc. that sum up infromation that other people have researched

BE Careful the following are NOT primary sourcesAbstracts, Special Communications, Brief Reports, Review Articles, Case Reports or studies, News and Comments, NIH information online, Nursing Journal articles, CDC information online YOU NEED TO DETERMINE IF THESE ARE PRIMARY OR SECONDARY

Make sure your reference source is valid. Should be within the past ear. Anything over 3-4 years is NOT recent. Anything over 5 years is too old to include as a reference . Have at least 6 references the more the better. Follow APA guides direction.

Note to writer: If you find that you may sturggle with references for this please let me know and I can change the paper topic if it comes to be too difficult. If you feel that you can find information on Graft Versus Host Disease from other areas please let me know. I am more than willing to communicate with you on anything to make this paper successful. Thanks so much and I am looking forward to working with you.