Rahamas rejection of anti-realism about mental disorders.

Phil 345 / Psy 345 a Term Paper Guide
Read this guide very carefully, top to bottom, before starting to write your paper.

(i) Assignment Topic
For this assignment, worth 30% of your final grade in the class and due Sunday, April 27th by
11:59pm, you are to address the following:

Write a 1500-2000 word essay explaining Grahamas rejection of anti-realism about
mental disorders.

a? Your essay must include an explanation of what anti-realism is, what the 2 arguments
that Graham raises on its behalf are, and which of the responses discussed in the
lectures or readings you think works best for rejecting each of these arguments.
a? You must also explain all technical terms you make use of. For example, if you
mention a view like a?Physicalisma, you must explain what it means.
a? Everything you need for writing an A+ paper is available in the scanned version of
Grahamas 4th chapter, although video lectures 14 and 15 will be helpful too, as well as
the relevant power point slides.

(ii) Suggested Outline
It is recommended that your essay ends up looking something like this (although more
paragraphs may be required to fully explain these issues):

In this essay I will do so and soa¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦..a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦..
Anti-realism about mental disorders is such and sucha¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦
Realism on the other hand saysa¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦..a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦..a¦a¦a¦a¦

Graham presents two arguments for accepting anti-realism. The first isa¦..
a¦a¦a¦..a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦..a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦..a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦.. The second isa¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦.

The first argument for anti-realism says thata¦a¦a¦a¦..a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦..

The second argument for anti-realism says thata¦..a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦.a¦a¦

I think that the best way to reject the first argument isa¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦..a¦a¦.

I think that the best way to reject the second argument is ..a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦

(iii) Instructions
1. Always keep the reader in mind. Make sure that what you say would be clear to anyone
who picks up your paper and decides to give it a read. Do not rely on the readeras
background knowledge or familiarity with the topic. Explain thoroughly anything that
might not be clear to a reader who knows nothing about psychiatry or philosophy.
2. Write in short, clear sentences.
3. Proofread your paper. Points will be deducted for failing to use proper English spelling
and grammar.
4. Do not write an a?impressivea? opening paragraph, for example: a?Since the dawn of time
people have wondered about the nature of mental disordersa¦a? Instead, say what your
paper will be about and what the reader should expect at each stage. The purpose of an
opening paragraph is to tell the reader what he/she is in for, as simply as possible. The
opening paragraph should therefore be quite short at around 4-6 sentences.
5. Avoid a?fluffa?. Write to the point. Every word you use should be promoting the goal of
the paragraph it is in.
6. Write in paragraphs. Each idea gets its own paragraph.
7. Do not use external sources. Everything you need is in the scanned version of chapter 4
of the Graham book. Use that scanned pdf instead of your book.
8. Write the paper using your own words. ***Do not quote*** Graham nor me. You are
not to use any sources other than the scanned pdf of chapter 4, the slides and the video
lectures. Quoting does not help you convince me that you understand the material.
9. A list of references/bibliography is unnecessary for this assignment.
10. A concluding paragraph is unnecessary for this assignment.
11. Remember to include your name and the date.
12. You have plenty of time to write this short paper. Use that time to produce and polish it.
Letting friends read your paper and seeing if they understand it is a good way to tell if
your paper is clear enough. If your family/friends cannot understand what you wrote,
neither will I. 13. Do not wait until the last week before the assignment is due to start working on it. That
is a recipe for disaster when it comes to philosophy papers. Aim to have a draft of the
paper ready at least a week before it is due. Then spend that week perfecting it.
14. The expectations I have of your writing quality for this paper far exceed those I have for
the short essays youve been submitting.
15. All papers must be submitted to the Term Papers folder under the Dropbox tab on the
D2L page by the end of day, Sunday, April 27th. The folder will open for submissions
starting one week prior to that.
16. While not mandatory, if youd like to receive comments on a draft you have, you must
submit your draft to the Paper Drafts folder under the Dropbox tab by the end of the
day, Wednesday, April 16th. I would then read your draft and provide you with
comments by the end of that weekend.