Rama/Film analysis paper , pick the best topic for my paper

i am attaching the assignment guidline and also its on this box . it has to be introduction and conculsion plus 3 body paragraph .

you should analysis from the hamlet story by Gibson version film and the book story.
i am using the bedford introduction to literature (9th edition) for Michael Meyer

Drama/Film Analysis Paper

After reading the play Hamlet and viewing the film clips on ANGEL, you will write a short essay in response to the prompt below. Your essay must include QUOTES from the play (using the version in our textbook) AND discuss specific scenes from the film clips (links to ALL relevant clips are on ANGEL, so you may view them again while writing your paper). Failure to discuss BOTH the play & film will result in a grade of zero.

Prompt: Compare and contrast the depiction of Hamlet in the film clips (choose either the Mel Gibson version or the Ethan Hawke version, not both) to the way the character was portrayed in the written play. Does the film depiction stay a?truea? to Shakespeareas written version of the character? Why/why not? [Note: If you are discussing the Ethan Hawke version, you should do more than comment on how the setting and time period are different.]
Focus on the depiction of the Hamletas personality traits, behavior, temperament, and attitude. Is Hamlet a likable character? What aspects of Hamletas nature does the actor emphasize? Is he portrayed as a victim, a man incapable of action, overly ambitious, intellectual, insane, or some combination of these? Does the film character reflect the character you imagined when reading Shakespeareas play? Or is the character taken in a different direction? How does that depiction of the character affect the overall adaptation of the play from the page to the screen?
Format: Your essay should include an introduction paragraph, at least 2-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. Include quotes from the play and secondary source with in-text citations (remember, for plays you cite the act, scene, and line number inside the parentheses). You do NOT need a Works Cited page. Type your paper using 12 pt. Times New Roman font and double-space the lines.

Paper DUE: Thursday, March 21 in my office (Crawford 529)
a There will be no regular class that day.

*Students are also required to submit essays to Failure to submit the paper in both formats may result in a grade of ZERO. Our classas ID # and password are in the syllabus and on ANGEL.