Ramework for practice: exploring social work theory

This piece should be based on social work in the U.K.
Using the case example below, demonstrate how the application of 2 theories or
approaches can influence assessment and intervention within social work
practice. Your arguments must include appropriate research evidence and a
consideration of anti-oppressive practice.

Case example:
Cassie, a 41 yr old white woman with a learning disability. Stan is 39, he is
black and also has a learning disability; he and Cassie have recently set up
home together. Cassie works as a chambermaid in a local hotel and stan has been
unsuccessful in his hunt for employment and claims benefits. They have a 5 year
old daughter, Rebecca who lives with her maternal grandparents Marian, 61 and
Bill 67. Rebecca does not have a learning disability.

Rebecca was conceived while Stan and Cassie lived in a long stay hospital, they
had been friends for several years. Cassie moved to a single supported tenancy
before anyone realised that she was pregnant. She and Stan had asked to move
into a property together but their application was denied. They feel they were
never given a satisfactory reason why but think that people didnt take their
relationship seriously.

Cassie and Stan are now planning to be married. They feel they can provide a
stable family for Rebecca and want her to live with them.

Bill and Marian dont want to give Rebecca up. They feel they can offer her more
stability and dont think that Cassie and Stan are competent to raise a child.

Marking criteria:
30%: Demonstration of understanding of the theories/approaches identified
30%: Critical analysis of the theories/approaches identified
35%: Consideration of the consequences of the theories/approaches for social
work practice, including anti-oppressive practice.
5%: Structure, use of english language, referencing.

Suggested theories/approaches:
Cognitive behavioural , radical and critical, psycho dynamic, Smale and Tusons
model of assessment, social model of disability, Bronfenbrenners ecological

Notes: childs needs are paramount. The essay is to show understanding of how 2
theories/approaches are used as a social worker when assessing the case example,
and how using different approaches will give a different outcome to the case.
Then comparing the 2 theories.
British references and harvard referencing