Assessment strategy

You are required to keep a weekly log and build this into a 4000 work coursework submission. In your log you must address how each week s theme relates to both your own discipline and to your developing research project. In your construction of the log, and particularly in the conclusion, you must:

demonstrate your understanding of research activities across a range of disciplines and the different validities attached to these;
reflect on the design and justification of your own research proposal;
acknowledge the different claims to knowledge that might be made by other disciplines;
offer an articulation of your own research proposals to a wider academic (and, where appropriate, professional) audience.

In your log you must:
§ demonstrate understanding of a variety of research activity
§ contextualise research in your own discipline within wider notions of research and the various audiences for research outcomes
§ demonstrate understanding of the costs incurred in research, resource constraints, and the benefits that might accrue from research
§ understand different claims to knowledge
§ appreciate ethical considerations in research