Rammatical errors of Saudi Arabia students in English language (TESOL) TEACHING ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE

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Explore what kind of grammatical errors Saudi students make constantly, why they make grammatical errors and how they can reduce grammatical errors in English composition

Title: Grammatical errors of Saudi students in TESOL (Teaching English as a second language) 5000 words at least 17 references
Main point:

1. Introduction
2. What are the grammatical errors and correction?
3. The context of Saudi studentsa writing style
4. What are grammatical errors of Korean students?
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5. How can students figure out grammatical errors?
6. Conclusion
Essay Tips
Before submitting your essay, do one final check:
1 Is the aim of your essay clear and does it show that you have understood the task?
2. Does the body of the essay support the aim?
3. Do the references support your arguments?
4. Have you included a reference list?
5. Does every paragraph relate to your argument?
6. Do the paragraphs follow a logical order?
7. Have you written a conclusion or does the essay just stop suddenly or fade away?
8. Have you summed up the most important points made in the body of the essay?
9. Have you checked spelling and grammar?
a?yesa in essay writing!
a? Try to make all the paragraphs hang well together in an essay (not just different patches!)
a? Use an introduction to introduce the topic (and perhaps to outline what issues your essay deals with),
but avoid a?arguinga about a concept or issue in your introduction.
a? Use signpost statements in your paragraphs to give readers a sense of direction where you are and
where you are heading in your discussion. e.g.
a?In has been pointed out in the previous discussion that language has an impact on socialization. It is essential to
examine different strategies that teachers use to improve childrenas sociolinguistic awareness.a?
a? Alternatively use a rhetorical question to introduce an issue in your discussion. e.g. a?What strategies do
teachers use to improve childrenas sociolinguistic awareness?a?
a?noa? in essay writing!
a? Donat use dictionary definitions. E.g. a?The Penguin dictionary defines a?languagea as..a?. It is better to use
definitions of writers as their definitions reflect their theoretical perspectives. A behaviourist defines
language quite differently from a linguist. An economist defines a?educationa differently from that of a
* Donat use informal English or colloquialisms. e.g.
a? Educators talk a lot about cultural issues. (Educators discuss a great deal about cultural issues);
a? I think it is not right to condemn teachers openly. (I think it is not constructive to condemn teachers openly)
a? Donat use contractions such as isnat, itas, canat, theyare, Iam.
a? Donat have so many short paragraphs as a short paragraph does not accommodate a comprehensive
discussion of an aspect or issue.
a? Donat say things which you cannot support with evidence. e.g.
a? a?Teachers nowadays do not teach properly. a?
a? Donat use quotations which are a?ordinarya or just commonsense. e.g.
a? a?We use language every day. Language helps us to communicate with other people. Language is very important
in our world a?(Everyone knows this!)
a? Donat refer to the same author or publication repeatedly. It gives the impression that this is the only
book that you read for your essay. Thus, the essay is very derivative.
a? Donat just cite authorsa statements or views without commenting on them (in a way, you justify why
you use them in the essay, not just to fill up the pages with other peopleas views). e.g.
According to X, language isa¦..
According to Y, language is
According to Z, language is
a? Donat just quote only authors that you agree with. Sometimes, it is stimulating for readers if you quote
someone with a controversial/provocative statement. e.g.
Fonda (1998, p.12) states that Asia does not have philosophy. Taoism is not a philosophy. It is only a religious