Objective: Present information on the culture and communication styles of a specific country with your group.

Type of Presentation:
Panel presentationeach member will present for a approximately 5-7 minutes

Method of Delivery: Outline

Preparation Process:
1. Country selected is : FRANCE

2. Cultural information : Religion, Family structure, Traditions

3. Use the 2 communication concepts below:

Power Distance (high/low)
Collectivist/Individual Culture

These communication concepts must support 2. Cultural information in the closing paragraph.

4. Research your topic(s).

A.) Use at least three sources

B.) Sources will be cited in the presentation.

C.) A Works Cited Page is due on the presentation day.
Sources should be credible: use experts and factual information. Only one encyclopedia allowed.

5. Prepare a 5-7 minute presentation of your topic(s) and communication concepts

6. Include visual aid or aids. (4) 8×11 to be presented.

Criteria for visual aids:
Must be relevant and enhance understanding
Must be clearly visible.
Must be appropriate and respectful of the culture
Must be neat and in color
Materials may be from other sources, but they should be presented in an original context.

7. Content Guidelines:
Cultural information should be factual

Do not include heresay, speculation, or stereotypes.

Information should be current.

Do not include evidence/information about the culture prior to 2000(except when historical data
explains current trends/behaviors).

Information should be specific and interesting.

Consider what a tourist or someone planning to live in the country would need to know to better communicate with people there.