Ranchise of Victoria Secret in Geneva Switzerland (case study)

What we have to do is invent a case ourselves. We set up a proposal which is below.
Please get back to us.

This is what we did so far:
Franchising of Victoriaas secret in Geneva

Victoriaas secret was founded in Stanford by Roy Raymond in 1977. Roy felt uncomfortable in buying lingerie for his wife in department stores. His idea was to create a comfortable environment for men to shop for sexy lingerie. The walls of the shops were not transparent but covered in pink and white stripes. This did not have the hoped success. Men did still not feel comfortable in shopping for lingerie, it was the opposite the colors made men feel dizzy. The chain was then bought for 4 millions by Leslie H. Wexner, who decided that the main target are women and not men. Later on the brand made profits of 6 million dollars.
In our days Victoriaas secret is one of the largest American retailers and the biggest company within the a?Limited Brandsa? which also has a hold of e.g. Bath & Body Works and La Senza. Victorias Secret generates 84% total sales which are in total 6.32a ¬ billion net sales within the fiscal year of 2009. The store sales are in total 2.5a ¬ billion, while its sales in the direct-to-customer channel nearly reached 1.03a ¬ billion which made a total sale of the Victorias Secret brand of 3.9a ¬ billion in 2009. Victorias Secret products are purchased mostly through retail stores, online, and through the Victorias Secret catalog . La Senza is a Canadian retailer that plays an important role when looking into the European market. VS and La Senza have both reached their full potential on the US market and there for the company is already expanding as e.g. to Canada (VS) and as for La Senza to Europe. La Senza became a part of VS s business with its branded merchandised shared between the US and Canada. La Senza can be seen all over Europe and especially in Geneva in places such as Manor.
Not only that the financial numbers sound very attractive as we are going to analyze more in detail, the brand has a high value to customers and attracts all sorts of age rages, incomes and nationalities. VS has the reputation of being sexy and exclusive with the benefit that the pricing is medium high. In Geneva we find either luxury brands such as La Perla and Marliza or cheaper brands which do not offer the same sex appeal in combination with a brand name.
Therefore it would be interesting to get VS into the European market and especially Geneva as a place to be sold. Geneva has a lot of young people with international background who mostly like to look for sexy, trendy and affordable lingerie with a brand recognition.
We have to see the competition within Europe such as La Perla, the reason why it is not available and which role La Senza plays.

this is the feedback received:

in Russia

Actually, London store only opens in 2012.

They have a store in Kuwait & in UAE.

Another angle would be to look at Geneva lingerie and think about who
they could BUY?

There has never been a Swiss Angel.... Can you propose one as part of
the pitch? Or at least propose tv time as part of the buzz.... or would
that simply attract criticism? A consideration either way.

Truly, this is not a marketing course, yet positioning would be key.
Target market in Geneva is.... English-speaking? That simplifies
things IF TRUE. What can you find out?

Remember costs per square meter A store of 100 square meters it
leases 33a340 francs per month, about two times less than in Zurich.”
>Now I have discovered that Victoriaas Secret is NOT a franchise.
>I have printed the 2009 4th quarter & full year 2009 Earning reports
>(will bring to class) and it is pretty clar that VS has MANY more
>stores and square footage of sales space than La Senza. In fact, La
>Senza seems to be declining a or maybe that is just because of the
>franchising arrangement.
>In any case, you havenat really given me enough information to give
>mroe feedback -I keep coming up with questions!
>You must keep doing homework to figure out the angle. You need to
>know a lot more about VS. If it is a matter of opening a store in
>Geneva, you need to know enough to contact the person in charge. Can
>you find out? You need to research company structure to figure out who
>to approach.
>Historically, VS was US-based. But apparently there are stores
>elsewhere. (4 in Canada)
>a?In recent years, the company has seen considerable growth in its
>website and catalog sales from many foreign countries, especially in
>Australia, Canada, Singapore, and former Soviet republics such as
>Russia, Ukraine and even Georgia. As for Georgia, for example, there is
>no alternative womens lingerie available for the local po