Ranchising & Small Business case study analysis


Please refer to the attatched.

There are two examples that i got from convenor so do not copy it.

I live in brisbane, Australia so I prefer small business(or franchise) in brisbane for my case study. (any small business or franchise in brisnbane)

You can do some Asian cuisine restaurant such as Little singapore(mixed with singaore cuisine with Chinese cuisine)”, Malaya Corner(Malysia cuisine mixed with Chinese cuisine )”, SOHO(Japanes restaurant)and Maru (Korean restaurant). They are all exsist restaraunt in Brisbane city. If you need more information I can find it for you.
Especially Little Singaporeis a kind of frenchise restaurant since they have around 4shops in brisbane. You can google each shop anyway.

this is the website address. you can refer it if you want.

Once again, please do not copy the example of case study. I attatched it to help you to understand the assessment.

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