Rancisco De Goyaas The Third of May and Eugene Delacroixas Liberty Leading The People by Jason Henry

write your comparison/contrast essay on one of these sets. ( See Below for Information on Comparison/Contrast of Research papers) You must write at least 800 1000 words, which is approximately 4 5 double spaced pages in 12 pt. Times New Roman. Make sure you go by word count and not page count! Dont forget to add an extra page for your Bibliography. Research both works of art from several sources, making sure to note the source for inclusion in your footnotes. Please make sure these are reliable sources! You dhould have at least two besides Artforms. Make sure you cover the Question in Red from your topic. There may be several questions suggested on the sign-up sheet, but you cannot leave out discussing the red highlighted items without a 10 point penalty. The answer to this question could be based on your own observation or a footnoted observation from a source. Please contact me if you have any questions about your topic. Remember I have matched these works together for a reason and it probably has lots to do with the main question in red. This is also a good time to create your bibliography. Please use the MLA format. Other items to note in the draft: Name of work, location, artist, medium and size. Add anything you think is pertinent to point out the likes and differences of the two works. Have an opening and closing paragraph.

More information will be provided.