Rand Met case, on horizontal integration

Writing Your Assignments
When writing your assignments, you should do the following:
You should analyse the cases, and the strategies chosen, which means that we do NOT want you to just describe (or re-tell) what has happened that is not very interesting (the case is just a tool). What we want you to do is to analyse the strategies. That is: why have certain decisions (for example, to integrate horizontally or vertically) been taken, and why have that decisions been taken at that point in time (i.e. analyse both the external context and internal capabilities)? Here, you will have to refer to certain theories you encountered in the course. Essentially, you should complete the following four steps:

1. Briefly analyse external environment and internal strategic capabilities (you could do this
using, for example, SWOT analysis a but donat just provide bullet points, write in whole sentences) of the company your presentation was on.

2. Explain the strategic choices made (WHAT strategies were chosen, and WHY?). Here, you should focus introduce some concepts and theories (i.e. vertical integration, horizontal integration, alliances, or restructuring).

Explain how the strategy/strategies was/were implemented. How did this impact on the company and its resources? Was it successful?

Briefly evaluate the strategies that were implemented. (How feasible have those strategies been, and why?