Rank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School Architecture.

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Summary of what I almost need to write:

Wright once said that nature was his religion. Unlike the modernists, who learned from him before dismissing him, he believed that buildings should fit into the landscape, not conquer it. The exemplar is  Falling Water , the breathtaking home outside Pittsburgh built on a rock over a waterfall. In his Prairie houses he tried to develop an American architecture. He stripped off Victorian gingerbread and made rooms into flowing spaces. Working on his Usonian houses, a flawed effort to design inexpensive homes for the common man, he invented the carport and the open plan and fathered the ranch house. He was alert to any technological changes that might contribute to his art.
I would like to describe the architecture of Frank Wright with reference to the Prairie Houses and explains with the help of his design of Robie House. And I would like to write about Organic Architecture referring to Prairie Style. Using of Frank Lloyd Wright expressions about the subject are essential. As my case study I am asked to select 5-6 Prairie houses and study the plans, interiors, exteriors, & .
PS: As I am studying in London, Uk, so I need an English writing not American English. And I would like the dissertation not to be much complicated, as English language is not my first language.
” Introduction
” Statement of Aims: Geography/ Social in 20
Philosophy and ”quatations
by Frank Lloyd Wright.
” Case Study: Analysis of Robie house which is interested to me, and study of the plan, exterior and interior. Select another 5-6 Prairie Style houses, and study on the plans, criticism and interiors. (They all should be illustrated with drawings).
” Conclusion.
” Bibliography.

Referencing Requirements:
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Or any other sources and web sites which are relevant to the topic . Number 1,6 and 8 sources are more important. And I definitely need you to use the relevant drawings ( plans ) and illustrations.