Rank Lucas involement with the mob in the movie American Gangster

Paper One
Frank Lucas: The Original American Gangster
Coppin State University
ENGL 102
Fall 2011

INTRODUCTION: The motion picture epic, American Gangster, portrays the heroin business in NYC during the Vietnam War era. As the film dramatizes this, perhaps the filmas primary function is to shape how moviegoers will likely perceive Frank Lucas, a focal character in the film. But as Lucas recounts his own experience in Original Gangster, his perspectives may present critical viewers more than a simple complement to the film.
TASK: Write a well-organized essay that explains the following:
a? Important film content in relation to what develops between Lucas and the Italian mob (the Mafia).
a? How conflict within or surrounding relations between Lucas and the Mafia likely affects viewer perception of Lucas and why.
a? How consistent the filmmakersa view of Lucas is with the way he pictures himself in his book.
Note: When writing for academic audiences, support your assertions with good scene description and selection of quotes to make for mature and interesting discussion. Also, grammar and style is as important paper content; therefore, students should proofread work for errors.
LENGTH: 3-4 double-spaced pages (not including the needed Title and References pages).
FORMAT: APA (See The Little Seagull Handbook, pp. 136-169, and the Purdue OWL website for useful resources).
FONT: Times New Roman, 12 pt.
GRADING: 100 points (A 90-100; B 80-89; C 70-79; Below 70 F) and will count for 10% of the course grade. Your paper also needs a synopsis page.
In the film I didnt really see too many conflict between Frank and the Mafia except for one sceen. My perception of Frank Lucas is open because he had to do what he had to do to maintain his life and for his own family.