Rankenstein by Mary Shelley and the doctor assuming the role of God.

This essay explores the idea that Victor, of Marry Shelleys Frankenstein, was wrong in assuming the role of God. My thesis is that assuming the role of God for the purpose of creating life is wrong, and led to the detriment of Dr. Frankenstein. For this essay, I will need quoted and cited references from any four chapters (in chronological order of course. So if a references come from chapters 3,7, 20 and 1 for example, they should still be in order when discussed) that show Victor being a self-proclaimed God-likefigure. Also, in between each chapter reference I will need a cited and explained example of literary criticism pertaining to this topic. The literary criticism can come from the same article. But I do need at least three sources of literary criticism. I need for at least four chapters to be discussed and then conclusion. Please include sentence variation and grade 12 AP english diction.

Thank you 🙂