Rankenstein Themes Similar with Wolverine

The idea behind this research paper is to have students do in-depth research, use secondary sources, learn how to bring together course material with their research. You must choose the novel of Frankenstein and examine its themes and ideas, and with the character of Wolverine from X-Men, write an in-depth comparison and analysis of the two works.
In the essay you should discuss how and where the film incorporates the texts ideas. You should point out the similarities and differences, and comment on whether or not the fims incorporation of the texts ideas and themes provides the viewer with a powerful representation (ie does the film bring the texts themes to life in a stronger and vivid manner?). You should provide analysis of your findins. To help make connections between the works you have chosen, you should ask questions. For example, what does the film appropriate/Borrow from the texts theme? How does the film express the texts theme? Does it expand/reduce/enhance the theme? Are the texts characters represented in some form or other in the film? These details should be looked at and analyzed in depth.