Ranklin D, Roosevelt on the four freedoms(1941)

The assignment must be a minimum 1-2 pages in length,typed,double spaced in Times New Roman font 12 pt. with one inch margins, do not exceed 3 pages.
choose one Primary Source from the assigned reading in textbooks only. You must provide evidence to support your thesis from the assigned textbooks and class notes only. No outside sources!!! All evidence must be cited within the body of the paper. The date must be included when you cite the class notes and include the authors last name and page number when citing information from the text. MLA is fine as well.
1-develop a thesis/ argument. What does this source prove? How does it contribute to the filed of history?-these are elements that should be included in your thesis. 2Provide a brief summary of the source. 1 paragraph 3Prove your argument/thesis. Provide evidence to match your claims. Provide in depth examples from the primary source to illustrate how it relates to your thesis. 3-5 paragraphs 4What are the strength and weaknesses of this source? 1-2 paragraphs 5-Re state your thesis and how your source relates to it.