Raphic Arts Programme Reflective Journal

A4 ring bound Reflective Journal 1500 word essay
Bibliography with at least six related academic references Considerations
The main consideration for this journal should be the selection of the subject area. It is important that this is something that you find interesting and engaging, but also that it is highly relevant to your own work. Linking theory and practice will be particularly important for your 1500 word essay. Consider historical as well as contemporary practice. Consider cultural context. Which critical texts have you been looking at? Why?
What impact might these ideas have on your own practice? Think about the work of other artists and designers that you have researched. What is the relationship between this work and your own?
The research content within the journal must be varied both in terms of the material itself and the sources of that material. The Internet is a useful tool for gathering together information but should only represent one of several strategies for research. This should be evidenced in the Bibliography. It is important that the gathering of information is the starting point for this work and not the work itself. A substantial proportion of the material in the journal should be produced after research has been undertaken.
This in turn should lead on to further investigation. It is also important that the work for this module is produced across the whole of the time available and not just in one or two sessions.

Referencing Requirements:
Focus on a specific subject area related to your Self-Initiated Project and engage in a substantial programme of research into all aspects of this subject. Produce an A4 ring bound reflective journal of no less than 30 pages of collated research, annotation and reflection. This should include examples of critical text, imagery and quotes. Reflective annotation should be spread throughout the journal. The summary of your journal is to be a type written reflective essay that discusses your chosen subject area in relation to your own practice (1500 words plus full bibliography). The bibliography should include at least SIX related academic references (not including Internet sites).
All written elements within the summary and the reflected annotation must be IN YOUR OWN WORDS unless placed in quotation marks with clear referencing. Turnitin plagiarism analysis is applied to all submissions.