Raphic Design in the Public Realm: How is it being used / translated onto buildings in London

This paper is the contextual essay to my creative project which is about an online competition in which students who work in the creative field of graphic design are able to upload a design onto website in order to participate in an online competition to temporarily redesign the London Routemaster Bus via a foil which will be applied onto the bus for the winner of the competition. (google 7up Routemaster to get a general idea of the competition)

This paper should look at how graphic design is used in the Public Realm in London, NEVERTHELESS, you may use one example from another city/ county … yet the main part should focus on London.

It would be grat to include three case studies and examples, and to look at one past project from a few years ago and two recent ones.

Examples you may look at and include is ARGENT LLP in Kings Cross (/.youtube.com/watch?vHTDRz9A89lw)