Raphic Design, topic: A study on the correlation between brand design elements and emotional brand identity focused on starbucks and Coca-Cola.

I have a deadline on 18th Febrary 2013. However, I have a individual tutorial for making 2000words on 13th December and need to submit first draft chapters on 7th January 2013.
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Referencing Requirements:
Purpose of this study : In order to build up the brand strategy, we need to perceive the importance of brand design positioning on the drink brand market which help to lead to success in global market and research how much the brand design image influences the formation of emotional brand identity.

4elements of Brand design Images (1)Visual elements Logo (Colour, Typhograpy, Symbol),(2)Products elementsProduct Packaging, (3)New Media elements Online site, Tv ads, (4)service elementsInterier, Facade, Signage, event

Primary sourse : survey, This method analysis a variety of visual communication design case studies by referring design components and using semantic differential and analysis emotional adjective, The research of target is based on design BA students (men:50, women:50, total:100 person).

Statistical analysis: spss base 12.0 software.