Raud a meeting the challenge through external audit

The final grade for the research paper will be based on CAPE:
i?? Content a concise presentation of relevant facts and supporting materials in a logical manner as well as a clear identification of the topical coverage and your major premise for the paper,
i?? Analysis a logical utilization of the facts presented above integrating the concepts discussed in the course to support the conclusions presented in the paper,
i?? Presentation a proper grammar, spelling, footnoting and use of a bibliography,
i?? Education a overall evaluation of the paper and how well it presents/supports the arguments made.
(I also need a research paper outline includedThis outline should contain four small paragraphs that briefly:
1. Identify and describe the topic you have chosen,
2. Discuss why you have chosen this topic,
3. List the sources of information you intend to use in your paper (primary and secondary),
4. Indicate the basic premise of your intended arguments)