Raves disease -Review of an immunological disorder

3rd year Biomedical Sciences.
Moduke : Immunological Basis of Disease
Review of an immunological disorder

I have choosen the Graves Disease for this review.

Here are some information that are important for the essay.

You will write a coherent, well-planned, short review on a named immunological disorder. It should demonstrate the selection, critical analysis and integration of information from relevant literature and a detailed knowledge of the subject area. It should be fully and properly referenced with text references and a reference list. You will need to use a number of sources eg textbooks, Medline, Web of Science etc to obtain information. Diagrams should be used where appropriate.

Assessment criteria

You will be assessed on:-
i) your in depth understanding of the topic;
ii) the scientific content of your review;
iii) your ability to retrieve information on the topic, as evidenced by the use of references, both secondary and primary sources, referenced in the text and a reference list;
vi) the quality of presentation of the written work, a coherent, structured review indicating a progression of ideas, illustrated with diagrams where appropriate.
An assessment sheet is shown on page 16.

Write a review of your chosen immunological disorder ~ 1000 words in total stating the number of words used. Initially get to grips with the topic as a whole by reading an appropriate chapter in a textbook.

Structure (20%)
Coherent with linking sections; introduction; conclusion; appropriate use of English; concise; appropriate length ~1000 words
Word count stated

Academic content (60%)
Inclusion of appropriate content making full use of researched literature; demonstrating an understanding of concepts in particular the immunological basis of the chosen disorder

Literature Review (20%)
Range of sources used;
sources relevant; sources referenced appropriately in the text and reference list

I have select 5 number of sources. I dont mind if you want to use more or less than 5.

Here are some books and webs that I prefer to use. If you can to use from these sources I appreciate that.

Chapel H, Haeney M, Misbah S, Snowden N (2006) Essentials of Clinical Immunology, 5th edition, Blackwell Science, Oxford.

Chapel H, Haeney M, Misbah S, Snowden N (1999) Essentials of Clinical Immunology, 4th edition, Blackwell Science, Oxford. (Available as an electronic book)

Roitt R, Rabson A, Delves PJ (2005) Really Essential Medical Immunology, 2nd Edition, Blackwell Publishing, Oxford.

Male D, Roth DB, Brostoff, J Roitt I (2006) Immunology, 7th edition, Mosby, London.

Kindt TJ, Goldsby RA, Osborne BA Kuby J (2007) Immunology, 6th edition, WH Freeman and Co, New York.

Underwood JCE,Cross SS (2009) General and Systemic Pathology, 5th edition, Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh.


Immunology Today/Trends in Immunology
Current Opinions in Immunology
Journal of Immunology
Nature Immunology
New Scientist
Scientific American