Rawing from either transactional or transformational leadership theories, critically reflect on the main differences between a manager and a leader.

1. Recall that you can strengthen your essay by drawing on / across more than just any one lecture.

For example, if you choose to answer the essay assignment on teamwork and groups, then you could also reflect on how Fordism gained a massive expansion of efficiencies (related to productivity) by the switch from one person being responsible for an entire product lifecycle from start to end (no team in sight) to people working on different product elements (one giant team albeit with each worker operating more individualistically) and then how Toyotaism took Fordism and generated further effeciencies with the creation of small teams working on the production line.

2. Everyone must draw on theory, but using one or two real life examples of the topic you are discussing (teams, leadership etc.) can strengthen a point that you are making in an essay.

3. A word of caution regarding critical thinking; it is difficult for any student to comment profoundly with respect to offering any solutions to problems identified in the literature. This is difficult to do in any meaningful way in a short essay and in the past, sometimes the solutions offered by students (who have done down this route) have tended to be so generic as to lack any critical bite.

It is perhaps better to use the literature that criticises an OB phenomena (this could be empirical studies for example) to critique the more optimistic literature writing about how wonderful any particular OB element is such as leadership or teamwork. You can bring in your own thoughts and opinions in trying to weigh up one against the other (do you believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, do you believe that other elements should be considered e.g. is teamwork alone sufficient to bring about positive changes etc.).

4. The reference list is NOT included in the word count. Please also refer to the FAQs, the common
essay writing errors and the slides on essay writing and Harvard referencing etc. as further sources of information.

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