Rawing on Frank Conroys essay amd your own experiences, define education

Essay: Drawing on Frank Conroyas a?Think About It: Ways We Know, and Donata? and your own experiences, define education.

Do not open up your writing with a definition of education from a dictionary or encyclopedia.
i?¶ i?¶ You want to develop the concept of thesis, your main idea, your main point. You do this as you work on your essay, as you write focused free writes and drafts, working to make the thesis clear, significant, and recognizable to your readers by the end of the first paragraph (and found in just one, stated, point-of-view sentence).
i?¶ i?¶ You want to provide support for your thesis with concrete examples that your readers can follow logically. This certainly includes sensory details, and clear definitions of terms you use. Clearly defining words or phrases (at least what your definitions are) that may be emotionally loaded or controversial, will keep all readers with you, even if the ideas you develop are ones the readers may not agree with.
i?¶ i?¶ You want to include at least two quotes or paraphrased references
LENGTH AND QUALITY REQUIREMENT: The equivalent of 3 double spaced pages, based on 10 or 12 font size.