Rawing on observations of childrens reading behaviour at nursery, what makes a successful reader.

Discuss title with reference to theoretical research on learning reading and your practical experiences. Draw on your observations of childrens attitude and behaviour towards reading (books, songs, rhymes and other pre-reading activities) at nursery. Evaluate your own teaching role and appropriate planning for reading. Show sound subject knowledge and understanding of the process of reading development and a clear view on what the cueing systems are for reading. Show knowledge of recent research and of the most recent inspection reports from HMI and OfSTED (on web).

A miscue analysis/running record(KS1)to be done seperately and included in appendix.(This does not have to be metioned in the essay)

Reader/marker has subject knowledge.
Harvard Ball, S.(1991), pg 28, suggests that..or if its broader, more general reference, Ball, S.(1991) argues…”